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RCA2023 Truman Brewery

RCA crest rendered in 3D to look like it is made from stone

RCA2023 at the Truman Brewery features over 1,000 postgraduate students from across the RCA’s four schools – Architecture, Arts & Humanities, Communication and Design. We invite you to explore graduate work tackling some of the most pressing, global challenges of our times, alongside fine art that inspires and nourishes our view of the world.

13–16 July

12 noon – 6pm daily. Early closing at 5pm on 13 July; late closing at 7.30 on 14 July. Last admission 15 minutes before closing.


Map of Truman Brewery venue location

Truman Brewery

RCA2023 at the Truman Brewery
Ely's Yard
London E1 6QL

Please note the entrance to RCA2023 at the Truman Brewery is from Ely’s Yard, accessed via Hanbury Street or Dray’s Walk. RCA2023 will not be accessible via the Brick Lane entrance.

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Discover students, collections and events through four overarching themes that contextualise the work on the platform within the here and now. They are tied together by the suffix -ness, which is used with an adjective to say something about its state, condition, or quality of being.

Can we define where a community begins and ends?

Celebrating community and connection both at the RCA and beyond.
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What is the future of identity politics within creative practices?

How can self expression bring people together rather than pull them apart?

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