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Visual Communication (MA)

Yudan(Yuna) Ding

丁丁 Yuna is a visual communicator and mother living in Beijing and London. Following the birth of her child. she experienced postpartum depression and neurosis which led her to seek new remedies and creative processes for healing.

In 2016 Yuna graduated with (MA Design) from the University of Lincoln, where she specialised in visual communication, iIllustration, and education.

WARMENG and I merge into one, bringing energy and happiness to people.

My practice focuses on examining themes of emotion, space, self-expression, energy transmission, and healing.

How do we understand and accept our emotions?Its root lies in the relationship between "‘objective and subjective sensors/sense how people interact with their emotions, and understand and respond to them. Emotions and how they impact the human body can help us better regulate them and understand ourselves. Respecting the energy of emotions , which is also the beginning of physical healing. I am constantly gaining insights and surprises during the journey of learning and practicing 'self-expression': if language is too pale and powerless, it may be a better way to introduce oneself be in the world.

This is a digital world about the body
WARMENGI used 3D illustration, moving image, and sound to construct a virtual internal (sensory) world of the body. I explored and visualised the interactive relationship between emotions, hormones and the physiology of the human body. I aimed to reveal the energy hidden behind emotions, how emotions operate within the body structure. I used WARMENG as a metaphor for "happy hormones" to communicate the symbiotic relationships between organs and emotions, visualizing this through digital formats.
This is a digital world about the body
This is a digital world about the body
♥LÜПGGrief Weakens your lungs.
♥HЁАRTAppalled weakens your heart
♥KIDNEŸSFear weakens your kidneys
♥LIVËRAnger weakens your liver
This is about my emotional diary, which is recorded visually. I recorded every day through images and made it into a book
This is about my emotional diary, where I record every day through images and observe my emotional changes to understand and accept the side of my emotions.
This is an emotional graph
This is an emotional graph,
I mentioned some methods that can regulate emotions in it.
This is the voice map of the juice store translated by Yuna
Sound MapThis is the voice map of the juice store translated by Yuna. She is accustomed to observing changes in things, transforming these feelings, and recording and experiencing them in artistic language. She believes that 'self-expression' is significant. Everything that is not disguised, not artificial, and retains innocence is beautiful and natural, and she hopes to share her most authentic feelings with others.