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Visual Communication (MA)

Ying Wu (32)

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Visual Factory, London, Xiamen, Manufacture of visual saccharin, 2.5D, Digital Game(Amount added>80%), Children’s playground, Unconscious, Liminal Space


Ying Wu is a visual factory based in London and Amoy. It draws inspiration from the discarded remnants of 2.5D games and obsolete electronic devices. Faced with an uncontrollable future and unsolvable problems, it chooses to seek the help of a medium. Through this experience, it begins to explore the design of spiritualistic processes and produce human subconscious spaces to help humans escape from an insecure reality.

Rocking Horse = Chariot

Content Warning: Fear projection, Spiritualism, Unconscious, Tarot card, Liminal Space, Escape from reality, Dream, Symbolism

When humans find themselves unable to escape from their predicaments in the real world, they can choose to escape into the the final liminal space. This is the purpose of the liminal — to serve as a refuge between the realms of reality and virtuality. The liminal is a fuzzy state, a transition between the 2D and 3D, a crack between the real and the virtual. Its outward manifestation is a proliferating and mutating playground, an endless dream shrouded in halos. The chaotic liminal space points towards the ultimate fantasy of returning to the mother's womb.

research: folded paper
I perceive the scanned image of a folded children's playground as a metaphor, aiming to explore the connection between the folded playground and the unconscious.
research: folded paper
The second fold incorporates a star chart and an unfolded scanned image.

In order to explore the connection between children's playgrounds and the unconscious, I began scanning various types of playgrounds repeatedly. I kept unfolding and folding the scanned models, using my own visual language to delve into deeper and more hidden activities within the unconscious. The human unconscious resides within the folds, within the textured of the scanned playground models. By unfolding the textured, clear and blurry images coexist, and finally, the liminal space exists within the blurry images, serving as the gateway to the unconscious.

Within the playground, there exists a stable triangular structure comprising of play equipment, the mother, and the birth chart.
Stable triangular structure: play equipment, the mother, the birth chart.
stable triangular structure with tarot card
Human need to rely on their birth chart and the four tarot cards they draw to enter the Final Liminal Space.
playground equipment = tarot card functions
Playground Equipment = Tarot Card Functions
Blurry children's playground and unconscious

The children's playground is a unique physical liminal space that exists in reality and connects to the unconscious crossroads. Within the playground, there exists a stable triangular structure comprising of play equipment, the mother, and the birth chart. 

The birth chart is a gift bestowed upon the fetus during childbirth, while the play equipment serves as a necessary passage for both the mother and the child. Each individual possesses their own birth chart, and everyone goes the playground with their mother.

When facing a society undergoing crisis or "the collapse of order," individual efforts alone may be insufficient to change the environment. Humans are unable to determine their own future or alter their lives in the physical world. However, they can choose to escape from the real world and seek refuge in the liminal space, evading everything.

Everyone has their own liminal space.
Everyone has their own liminal space.
Final Liminal Space
Final Liminal Space is Infinitely proliferating children's playground

The Final Liminal Space is an ever-growing children's playground, where individuals immerse themselves by wearing VR headsets. Through their own star charts and selected tarot cards, they enter their personalized Final Liminal Space, connecting with the depths of their own unconscious realm. It's important to note that to ensure a genuine encounter with one's unconscious realm, the Final Liminal Space is entirely private. There are no communities, identities, or genders present within this space.

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