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Design Products (MA)


Head of Programme, Design Products – Christina Choi

Design Products embraces a pluralistic approach through a number of platforms within which our designers develop powerful individual and collaborative design identities. These identities represent emerging discourses and new territories for design in shaping future connections between technology and society. Design Products enables students to conceptualise and test ideas by canvassing, participating, provoking, challenging, and questioning people, places, technology, things and systems.

Design Products encourages proactive designers who can tackle both real world and future challenges through balancing high levels of creativity and technical delivery with contextual insight, empathy and diversity. We test and stretch the boundaries of design practice in order to develop solutions to a wide array of global challenges.

The featured works by our designers on the platforms: ‘Design through Making’, ‘Object Mediated Interactions’, ‘Design as Catalyst’ and the ‘Design Futures’ pathway are driven by an unrelenting urge to uncover the new.

This year we also developed a new programme ethos emphasising how we shift from product design to design products by applying critical thinking to product assumptions focussing on xenoproducts, polygamic disciplinarity, questions for action, the unshiny, circularity, decolonising design, design dematerialisation, technology agnosticism, products unlimited and design justice.

158 Students in Design Products (MA)