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The Neurodiversity Society presents

The RCA Neurodiversity Society consists of students and alumni who are neurodivergent, or are exploring the theme of neurodiversity in their projects. Ever since its formation in 2020, it has been run by RCA students who are neurodivergent themselves, hoping to create a safe space and forum to share resources, experiences, challenges, and advice relating to life as a neurodivergent student.

This year, the Neurodiversity Society collaborated with RCA SpLD support (Student Support Services) to support Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2023. Neurodiversity Celebration Week is a worldwide initiative that challenges stereotypes and misconceptions about neurological differences.

Neurodiversity is still a relatively new concept, and its entanglement with disability rights and broader equality and equity issues has yet to be fully addressed in society. The world needs to learn that neurodiversity is just as important and beautiful as biodiversity. Art and design have the power to advocate, communicate, accelerate, innovate, and fundamentally retell and reclaim the neurodivergent narrative.

--- Joy Lu and Beatrice Sangster, co-leaders of The RCA Neurodiversity Society 2022-2023

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