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Information Experience Design (MA)


Information Experience Design is an innovative post-discipline that focuses on the artful and experimental design of captivating experiences for diverse audiences. By employing a dynamic blend of methodologies, IED recognizes that information plays a pivotal role in shaping every facet of our lives.

IED graduates this year have interests spanning the climate emergency, our evolving understanding of personhood, our relationship to living and inorganic intelligences, and the transforming nature of organisations and societies. This year’s work takes up themes of post-anthropocentric design, more-than-human interactions, the performative behaviours of matter, AI and virtual entities' influence on the perception of reality, identity, memories, and the state of marginalised communities.

The experiences these artists and designers have created are full of curiosity and fascination, as well as critical commentary and hard questions. As you explore, you will notice how the work of IED students, despite its inherent diversity, reflects a common commitment to a better future. This future, however, is not always the one you might expect.

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collaborative Luminous project with LG Display

129 Students in Information Experience Design (MA)
 LG Display, 2022
British Academy