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Interior Design (MA)


Head of Programme, Interior Design – Professor Graeme Brooker

This programme engages its participants in exploring emergent ideas and issues concerning distinct aspects of the design of the interior. This incorporates research, practice that explores the diversity of human occupation in numerous environments, extending from the room to the city. The programme encourages the view that the interior is an interface between its occupants and the built environment, and it supports the notion that the interior is an agent for social change.

This year students choose to explore their propositions via one of our three platforms; superFUTURES, superMATTER and superREUSE each of which foregrounds design criticality with a view to the climate crises, social and spatial in/justice, bodies and space in their own way..

superFUTURES is a research-led design studio, our staff and students specialise in speculative spatial design. This year in partnership with the Charleston Trust we have beeing “imagining society differently”. Our students have generated 39 different near futures for the East Sussex museum home of the Bloomsbury group.

superMATTER is a hypothesis of the intimacy of making and inhabitation. We rejoice in the immediate sensorial experience, unveil hidden narratives and unleash the potential of materials. This year we worked with U+I and Studio Egret West on the former Siemens Cable Factory with the question of excess underpinning the material explorations for the site.

superREUSE explores the world as a finite resource of the existing and how to redesignate it. It takes the existing as its starting point of research, mediation and new purpose. This year the group has worked with Witherford Watson Mann on a ruined stately home in Lincoln, transforming the site into new use.

Image: Yuliang Kang / Parallel Infusion - This is/ Is this/ Still is Charleston House / 2050

103 Students in Interior Design (MA)