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Interior Design (MA)



superMATTER is an investigation into the intimacy of making and inhabitation. We rejoice in the immediate sensorial experience, unveil hidden narratives and unleash the potential of materials.

superMATTER is concerned with the intrinsic aspects of space-making, expanding from tangible materials to intangible dimensions such as culture, socio-politics, and topology. This superplatform asserts that materials offer immense opportunities for creativity and innovation in interior design, and a deep understanding of materials, craft, and technology allows us to deliver those elusive characteristics.

This year's material provocations revolve around the theme of excess, with the former Siemens Cable Factory chosen as the site. The building is part of the Charlton Riverside redevelopment plan, featuring a heritage-led scheme that includes new homes, retail spaces, and working areas. Each superMATTER student selected the interior of one building in the Bowater Road complex for material provocations. Through the lens of excess, our students have generated 36 proposals that give a distinct sense of place to the area.

Teaching Team: Dr. Tania Lopez Winkler (lead), Ella Doran, Ian Hunter, Kevin Haley & Simon Hamilton.

Guests and collaborators:


Studio Egret West

Diony Kypraiou

Gareth Neal

Henrietta Nowne

Jim Eyre

Lucas Lawrence

Lucy Head

Dr. Maayan Ashkenazi

Rob Sloper

Sylwia Poltorak

Image: Ella Nartey, Pescatarian Kitchen CGI and Material Palette