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Global Innovation Design (MA/MSc)


Head of Programme, GID – Gareth Loudon

The MA/MSc Global Innovation Design (GID) programme, jointly led by the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London is proud to showcase the work of the graduating 2023 cohort. GID is about developing innovators who can combine a deep understanding of culture and context with skills in design, technology and leadership to create lasting positive impacts for people and the planet. As part of the learning journey, our students travel and explore new territories and cultures by spending time with our partner institutions across the world.

The last two years have been a slightly more complicated journey for our students due to COVID, however you will see from the projects on show how their experiences and learning have influenced their thinking, ideas and innovations. Themes covered in the show include healthcare and wellbeing, restoring ecosystems, fostering connections and augmenting creativity. 

Most of the students have undertaken their project work in collaboration with a range of partners, including researchers from academia, domain experts including artisans and technologists as well as communities or organisations they are looking to help. Our highly talented students have a depth and breadth of knowledge and skill in leading teams and creating solutions that consider individual needs and the cultural context, while safeguarding the planet.

21 Students in Global Innovation Design (MA/MSc)