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Animation (MA)


Animation inhabits an unusual cultural position; a familiar stranger whom everyone believes they know. Our graduates arrive ready to interrogate that position, pushing animation beyond the commonplace and exploring the ways in which animation’s transformative qualities can be used societally, artistically and radically.

Their practice discards an analogue/digital binary, instead working with paint, sculpture, game engines, performance, pixel, ceramics, VR, dance, textiles, glass, poetry, and celluloid.

Ideas this year are typically eclectic and reflect the incredible diversity of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. Despite this some common themes emerge; the idea of space - internal, virtual, actual, psychological, labyrinthine, theatrical, cosmic, outer - permeate both cohorts’ work, perhaps as a response to the shocking inhibition of it in recent times, and as an exploration of our potential futures.

RCA Animation presents our graduates’ latest works with compelling content ranging from personal to political, documentary and fantasy. Their work is expressed through confident and imaginative artistic research, processes, and experimentation. We welcome you to enter their imaginative worlds transmuted frame by frame through their creative visions and artistic practice.

79 Students in Animation (MA)