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Painting (MA)


Our 2023 graduates have experienced a plethora of transitions both creatively and socially this year. Across the globe, there has been an urgency to return to a sense of normalcy while navigating the psychological and emotional implications of post pandemic life. Our students have brought this transitional energy into the studios; harnessing, shaping and molding this into works that explore fierce materiality, the geologies and geographies of space and seek the figural through the lens of abstraction and abstraction through the figural.

The works in the Show bring together two graduating cohorts - one from a new 1-year programme and the other from the last cohort of the 2-year programme to engage in a conversation that traverses the fluency of dialogues between the experimental and traditional approaches to painting illuminating its vibrancy and potentialities.

Head of Programme, Alexandria Smith

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MA Painting is thankful for the support of passionate individuals and charitable organisations who each create visible pathways into the RCA for talented students experiencing financial hardship, many of whom simply wouldn't be able to accept their place at the College without their generous support. Scholarships and awards are vital in ensuring a diverse, cross-cultural environment where talents are brought together to learn with and from each other.

Current RCA scholarships and awards directed towards MA Painting include:

- Ali H Alkazzi Scholarship 

- Basil Alkazzi Scholarship

- Chelsea Arts Club Trust Zsuzsi Roboz Award  

- Leverhulme Arts Scholarship

- Clore Bezalel Scholarship 

- Valerie Beston Prize

- The Hine Prize

- Fribourg Philanthropies Painting Prize

- The Paul Desty Scholarship

- Chadwell Award

143 Students in Painting (MA)