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Fashion (MA)

Luoqing Cai 蔡洛卿

Cai Luoqing is a Chinese-born 3D fashion designer who now lives in London and Shanghai. She enjoys exploring new technologies and researching different knowledge to communicate creative visions. Her speciality lies in applying cross-disciplinary insight to fashion design, using digital development of design concepts to bring a new perspective to the fashion field.

This work is based on a vision of the evolution of human society, the development of new human bodies and worldview compositions using parametric generative design, and an open game world design based on a holistic vision of the 'neuro human' lifestyle.

Her digital work is based on thinking about the ever-changing present and looking at the future of intelligent design.

Level 1

This project explores the potential impact of artificial intelligence on human cognition and ideology in the information age, as well as the boundaries and possibilities of integration between humans and artificial intelligence, from a posthumanist perspective, reflecting on the disruption of social information entropy and the future development of artificial intelligence.

In this development, humanity can only be forced to enter a new level of civilisation with extreme links to deal with the information explosion entropy and the development of artificial intelligence faster. But the extreme link is a complete loss of privacy, with individuals sacrificing their consciousness and form to adapt to the new birth so that humanity can be a living organism, the "global brain".

Humanity has since crossed a new evolutionary narrow gate, a physical and mental revolution from which there is no turning back.

The project is presented as a digital game and virtual world. In collaboration with a partner from Visual Design, we invite you to join us in this thought-provoking experience. Let's think together about how to deal with the chaos of information and achieve a more meaningful and beneficial information society.

The making of a "neuro human"
"neuro human" Based on genetically modified neurotechnology, the brain's nerve fibres compensate for extreme growth beyond the body's limits, while other functions degenerate to maintain basic survival. There are several models-the processes of the evolution of modern humans to the nervous system.
1.	The human body is broken through physical limitations by developed neurons; the whole person is transparent into the nervous
1. The human body is broken through physical limitations by developed neurons:the whole person is transparent into the nervous system
1. The human body is broken through physical limitations by developed neurons:the whole person is transparent into the nervous
2.	Half-body humans or only normal brains remain; without the human body, other neuromorphic forms evolved elsewhere
2. Half-body humans or only normal brains remain: without the human body, other neuromorphic forms evolved elsewhere
3. Variations of "Neural Humans”
4. consciousness upload: People who exist in tombstones or hard drives have no entity, only consciousness
The world's first level is surrounded by a mirror world (a self-similar loop), the entire shape of which is dominated by the stepped spiral structure of the Möbius ring, ending in a pyramidal electronic tombstone symbolising the power structure at the end of the path. This is the passage before people join the cluster and the meeting point for people to upload their consciousness. In the end, they enter an interactive gateway passage to the post-human world.
In this subspace, where some people choose to upload their consciousness and merge with new beings, people have many more options in this world, a mixture of different life forms. An artificial intelligence program controls the first layer of world mechanics, a significant milestone in the transition of human civilisation from an all-entity to a new age of artificial intelligence.
The game is set up to allow the player to interact with this entry into the world, with the option to 3D scan the player's face and facially capture it to form a unique non-meta human, choosing to enter the world with a clothing line belonging to that character. Inserting ai-trained language models into NPC interactions allows for conversational communication with characters and an in-depth exploration of post-human civilization systems.
First level Game demo
The evolution of social structures in the post-human world evolved into an entirely new body of consciousness, a "cluster" of human beings, a system characterised by fractals, self-organised emergence, decentralised control and local interaction, in which a new world was born through the emergence of group intelligence.
People are provided with accurate and effective information, thus counteracting the effects of information entropy. The whole world takes on a fractally ordered topography.
Environmental logic: The shape of the pattern is mainly fractal, and the mechanism is a self-similar cycle.
The world is set up gravity-reversing, building maze-like paths that can be walked at any angle, and the player can see the world in 360. In this layer of the world is presented the Brain, which exists as a combination of artificial intelligence and humans by filtering confusing and useless information.
The second level Game demo
The third level of the world: Chaos
The game ends with a demonstration of the nature of the world's problems, revealing that the increase in information entropy has not been substantially solved. Despite the ever-growing amount of information data being processed behind the intelligent brain, it may one day collapse, revealing the chaotic and high information entropy aspect behind it.
The third level of the world: Chaos
This layer of constructive logic is based on the chaotic and disorderly nature of the universe. This presentation aims to alert the audience to the information explosion and to consider the relationship between artificial intelligence and the increase in information entropy and their impact on society, individuals and ideologies.
Overall game experience

In Collaboration with: Peiyan Xu

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