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School of Design


Dean, School of Design – Professor Paul Anderson

2023 represents a very special year for both the institution and the School of Design and particularly our students who will now go forth and embark on a highly creative and innovative journey towards further developing their career and ambition to join a vibrant global community of highly impactful RCA designers.

RCA2023 will be celebrated at Battersea & Kensington on 30th June - 3rd July 2023 for our students who started in September 2022 on our new 1-year MA programmes. On the 13th–16th July students who started in September 2021 on the 2-year MA will be exhibiting at the Truman Brewery.

Our RCA students are forming the next generation of coherent planet thinkers. They are world class creative designers developing regenerative solutions, intelligent systems, new materials, social change, and human centred thinking. This is needed more than ever in a heightened world of uncertainty, experiencing the impacts of climate change and building a more resilient world.

In both these exhibitions you will see important examples of invaluable foresight, new ways of thinking, dealing with change, empathy, diversity, ethics, culture, creativity at the cutting edge of technology, development of new materials whilst navigating and making sense of growing complexity.

I urge everyone to actively investigate, discover, learn, engage and you will understand that our students are breaking patterns, connecting experiences, dealing with change, and fundamentally thinking in very different ways. Our students are dealing with the real and the unreal in a sensitive and coherent manner improving people’s lives and our planet.