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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)


Head of Programme, IDE – Gareth Loudon

The MA/MSc Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) programme, jointly led by the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London is proud to showcase the work of the graduating 2023 cohort. IDE is all about innovation through the synergy between creativity, science and technology - with the aim of creating value for society while nurturing the planet. We believe that this integration of design, engineering, science and enterprise is crucial in tackling the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous challenges that society and the planet currently face.

The work presented is the output from the students’ individual projects undertaken during the spring and summer terms. Common themes emerging from the student work this year include projects exploring the capabilities and applications of new biomaterials, solutions in the area of healthcare, particularly around women’s health and well-being, the use of new technologies including haptics, artificial intelligence and augmented reality, the creation of new manufacturing processes and the design and development of new sustainable systems.

You will see that many of the projects include collaborations with stakeholders and experts from within and outside of academia across a range of disciplines. The students are therefore not only extremely talented creative individuals, they are also skilled in leading collaborative interdisciplinary teams.

40 Students in Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)