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Fashion (MA)

Jingyi Liu /Snow

Jingyi Liu is a fashion designer and bioengineer working in multidisciplinary areas based in London. She graduated with a bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering from King's College London in 2022. Since graduating, she has been working on the Neuroaesthetics project of two different artists with a PHD student.

Her work at RCA Fashion embodies digital morphogenesis and structural design, which combine biology, computing, and engineering. Many of her designs explore different structures in high dimensions and use techniques for 3D printing and fabrication. She explores her identity and reflects on the design from multiple perspectives of the space and time.

3d garment

Everyone has different identities that they didn't even realise as time passed. Identity has no entity, just like our impression of consciousness. I prefer to use fragmented information, chaotic time, and the interweaving of memory and reality to represent time and multi-space.

At the tiniest scales, our universe will work in this way: strings will be affected by the vibrational patterns and the geometry within which they are moving (extra dimensions).

In physics, string theory is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. String theory describes how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other. One of the many vibrational states of the string corresponds to the graviton, a quantum mechanical particle that carries gravitational force.

My work shows structure in overlapping layers and curves the orbit based on the mathematical model. And I printed the original models in different indexes from one to six as references to help me construct my ideas and sketches in reality. The 3D models work in an intertwined geometry, where the extra dimensions fold on themselves and intertwine in an interesting structure. I suppose that if I could be seen from multiple perspectives at the tiniest scale, then curves would be the basic shape and motion of myself, which obey the string theory.

theory 1
theory 2
development 1
development 2
Structural Sketches
Draping Experiment
model test
Model segmentation and experiment.
printing experiment