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Fashion (MA)

Jiangning Tan

R was born in Beijing, China. After accidentally completing BA in Economics at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), R resurrect a MA in Fashion Womenswear at the Royal College of Art. 

R has an unwavering conviction, an enduring belief that perceives an inherent, almost ethereal beauty in the contours and curves of the human form. To them, everybody is a canvas, an unadorned masterpiece in its most natural and authentic state. they see this beauty not as a static existence, but as a symbiotic relationship with the ever-changing world. Dressing up this canvas, thus, becomes a dynamic form of self-expression for R, allowing them the privilege to project her innermost feelings, ideas, and experiences onto an external, perceivable realm.

With their design philosophy deeply rooted in the exploration of higher dimensions, R navigates their creative process as a journey through the labyrinth of intangible abstractness into the realm of tangible perception. This concept of traversing realms is not a hasty venture, but a meticulously planned and executed journey that reflects her innate curiosity and keen observational instincts.

Equally, traditional Chinese medicine theory serves as an underpinning influence in R's work, threading its way through their designs like a whisper of ancient wisdom. The principles of balance, harmony, and natural energy intrinsic to this age-old discipline become mirrored in their creative output. This unique blend of Eastern philosophy and R's design aesthetic is a testament to their innovative vision, transforming every piece they create into a story, a narrative of tradition-meets-innovation, offering the world a glimpse into their unique perspective.

Thus, R's work is more than mere fashion—it's a fusion of her beliefs, experiences, and cultural heritage. It's an exploration, a journey, an unabashed declaration of their identity, and above all, it's a dance between her and the world, swaying rhythmically to the beat of self-expression. 







Degree Details

School of DesignFashion (MA)WomenswearRCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Studio Building, Ground and First floors

Jiangning Tan Statement Picture

A whisper of luxury, an emotion set adrift - these are the essence that colors the world Uniting an exquisite fusion of timeless elegance with modern sophistication, our creations echo the endless symphony of the river of life. The river, with its ceaseless flowing nature, symbolizes life's perpetual flux and diversity - as varied as the tide, as vibrant as the sun's dance upon the water's surface.

Every creation in the collections encapsulates a sense of caprice, capturing life's unpredictable yet purposeful journey. Our designs, as diverse and ever-changing as the river currents, emanate a serene confidence that is reflective of the meandering rhythms of life itself. These are not merely patterns drawn on fabric or metal; they're reflections of life's cadence, captured in tangible form. They pulsate with a silent rhythm, an embodiment of the ceaseless tides of time, the ebbs and flows of existence.

Every piece we offer is more than an object of opulence; it's a delicate testament to the exquisite marriage of beauty and functionality. The rhythmic cadences of life, in all their unpredictable charm and dynamism, are mirrored in each design. They whisper stories of personal journeys, of dreams fulfilled and challenges surmounted.

Yet, we at provide more than the tactile sensation of luxury. We offer an immersive experience, a journey of self-expression that flows freely like the river. It is an exploration of personal style, a testament to individuality, and an avenue for self-discovery. Each piece is not merely a fashion statement, but a narrative of its wearer, a chapter in the ever-unfolding saga of their life.

Riverpeace. Here, elegance is not just an attribute but a manifestation, a silent narrative woven with emotions. In the heart of our brand is a river flowing with stories, an ocean brimming with emotions, and a tapestry of life embroidered with threads of elegance. We invite you to become part of this narrative, to find a whisper of luxury that resonates with your rhythm, to experience the emotion that sets your spirit adrift.

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