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Discover students, collections and events through four overarching Themes that contextualise the work on the platform within the here and now. They are tied together by the suffix -ness, which is used with an adjective to say something about its state, condition, or quality of being.

Alexandra Topaz - room with window

The past, present and future are a trilogy of terms we hang our understanding of time upon. These fixed concepts of linear progression help us to measure journeys through events at both a local and universal scale. While these simplified labels help us understand the concept of time effectively, they don’t fully explain how we experience it. While we can use our senses to engage with most aspects of the world, what faculty do we use to gauge the passing of time?

Liana O'Cleirigh - Two people wearing AR headsets collaboratively writing in AR.

Give. Give again. Keep giving. Don’t stop.

This is the beginning of artist Neil Cummings’ text, Generosity, which is included in Ends Meet, a collection of texts responding to the theme of ‘exchange’ developed by RCA MA Writing students in 2014.1 This text proposes generosity as a resource we should share in abundance and not expect in return. In a world where our time and energy often feel scarce, is it possible to give without expecting to gain?