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Design Products (MA)

Mingyue Li

Mingyue Li is a product designer and researcher concerned with people, object and the environment. Through systematic and multidisciplinary thinking, she is delivering products, services and experiences.


Master of Arts in Design Products, Royal College of Art, London, 2021

Industrial Product Design, Shih Chien University, Taipei, Exchange, 2019

Bachelor of Arts in Product Design, Donghua University, Shanghai, 2017

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Driven by curiosity, I consider the connections between things and explores the human response in the environment. In my previous practice and research, I have linked temporality and embodiment, considering how designers can embody their self-worth in fragmented artistic expressions and spawn long-term social reflection.

The following showcases the project I worked on during my time at the RCA - exploring the interrelationship between microbes and humans.

Skin Treatment, 2035

What if microbial populations are reduced by a third in 2050?

This project delves into the potential microbial crisis that may affect the skin in the future, as well as the intricate relationship between humans and microbes.

With the aim of tackling the increasing prevalence of skin problems in 2035 and addressing the looming bioresistance crisis, our fictitious organisation ReMicroBeauty, a clinic that will originate from an established Biolab, would be able to  introduce an innovative approach to skin treatment. By providing cutting-edge solutions, the clinic not only targets future skin issues but also aims to reshape the perception of microbes and their significance in maintaining optimal skin health.

How does this change/challenge the current beauty paradigm?

Our existing paradigms seek to strip the skin of its protective layers, using harsh beauty regimes which leave the skin (& immune system) defenceless. The secret to health is reintroducing the ‘unclean’, so changing our relationships with the detritus that surrounds us, & maintains our tolerance.

Through ReMicroBeauty's initiatives, individuals are guided to recognize the pivotal role of microbes in maintaining healthy skin, while simultaneously combatting the prevailing misconceptions surrounding microbes. The clinic's approach not only offers solutions to future skin challenges but also endeavors to shift the prevailing stigma against microbes.

Model Image 1
Image no.1
Model Image 2
Image no.2

Image no.1 PorePro MicroInjector

The needle is protected under the quadrangular component.

Image no.2 Syringe Containers

Syringe Containers are removable transparent components at the bottom of the bacterial cultivator. The PorePro MicroInjector can be placed inside this container, and the four corners of the quadrangular component are made of solid material infused with invisible ink, allowing for positioning during the treatment process. The detached Syringe Containers can be inverted and securely fixed onto the tray.


ABS Resin


Microbial Crisis
Skin microbial imbalance in 2035
Rethink ‘Natural’ Beauty

#1 Microbial Crisis

The hygiene and disinfection habits people have developed during the pandemic have resulted in a continuous reduction of microbes.

#2 Skin microbial imbalance in 2035

The reduction of microbes poses challenges to the increasingly frequent and complex skin issues as well as the beauty industry.

#3 Design Insights

  • Is this truly/real natural?
  • How to get people to rethink?

#4 Rethink ‘Natural’ Beauty

RemicroBeauty Lab develops a microbial grafting tool that uses truly natural bacteria to address skin issues in 2035, helping people rebuild their skin microbiota, change perceptions of microbes and rethink what is truly nature.