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Design Products (MA)

Shiyu Ding

Shiyu is a designer from China who specialises in user research and system design. She believes that design is not just about solving problems, but that it is more valuable to inspire people to think proactively through design work and lead them to co-create a positive living environment.


MA Design Products, Royal College of Art, London

BA Product Design, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing

Shiyu Ding

During my study phase at the RCA, I tried to subvert the single perception of reality with a fictional future. Some unbelievable imaginations and impulses are actually beautiful visions.

About my project.

How to survive when AI invades?

A 5 tier Maslow hierarchic game board preparing us for AI's pervasion of the jobs market. It offers us a range of jobs in a future world, where AI has taken over more jobs & where our life circumstances are increasingly impacted. We all need creative visions to plan our future lives and values in a world where the role and meaning of work start to shift.

In the game, players will experience how to move from food, accommodation, self-improvement, family responsibilities, social responsibilities to self-actualization in a future employment & living environment. This game will bring life skills. Or it is a prompt for experience transfer between generations . Parents and children can play this board game together to learn about family responsibilities, social responsibilities... or, students can play this game to discuss future career plans & skills.


I want game players to be aware of the changes that are coming and to realise that we must take responsibility for our own learning and skill development. At the same time, people need to be prepared to use their leisure time effectively. Freed from 996 working hours, we will be able to engage in creative pursuits and focus on more meaningful things.

Our society places a high value on work and people tend to derive their identity from the work they do. Few people do work they enjoy and work just to pay the bills. We are about to face an era of high unemployment. We will have the opportunity to reflect on what the meaning of work and life is. There will come a time when personal growth will be the main driver of life, rather than working for a living.