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Design Products (MA)

Lyuqi Hu

Lyuqi Hu is a passionate product designer from Chengdu. Focuses on user research and rethinking lifestyles. Delivering a better user experience through stakeholder systems and human factors engineering research. She is passionate about exploring and participating in all aspects of industrial production and has her own style of expression.


2017-2021|Product Design (BA), Tongji University, Shanghai, China. 

2021-2023|Design Products (MA), Royal College of Art, London, UK.

2019|Triennale Di Milano - Material for the Future

2018-now|Personal IP Doll Brand

Lyuqi Hu

Influenced by humanities and nature, I enjoy conducting user research, analyzing systems, planning strategies, and building worldviews to convey the meaning behind my designs.

My expertise lies in hand sketching and model making, and I love experimenting with different media and techniques to express my design concepts.

I have a passion for capturing inspirations and humorous moments from everyday life, documenting them through photography and painting.

Additionally, I actively explore various industrial manufacturing processes to apply them to suitable projects.

I constantly strive for innovation and improvement, aiming to create delightful product experiences for users. It's a great pleasure to work with all of you, and I look forward to creating stunning design works together.

This project is one of the representative brands based on the forecast of the future mental health management industry.

The future mental health management market will further emerge and mature as numerous brands focusing on different aspects will gradually arise.

I aim to guide people in contemplating what kind of mental health management methods we will need and possess in the future by establishing an exemplary brand.

A brand which makes the neuro-diversity is new normal, & empowers its followers to capitalise on their abilities.

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workshop test photos and product posters

Workshop and Products

By conducting sensory experience tests, we actively engage users in discussions surrounding mental health topics and encourage them to explore the various touchpoints within their everyday mental activities and life behaviors. This approach allows for a deeper understanding and personal connection to be formed, fostering a greater sense of self-awareness and well-being.

IP image iteration

To narrate the psychological concerns of contemporary young people and establish the visual identity of the brand, we have created an IP character with a distinctive visual style, a consistent color palette, and a well-defined background story. This approach aims to foster a sense of identification and resonance among users, making it more engaging and appealing.