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Fashion (MA)

Zhuoran Bi

Zhuoran Bi is a multidisciplinary explorer with a diverse cross-disciplinary background. Her practice involves interstellar space exploration, digital expeditions, transcendental hypotheses and scientific experiments. She combines EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), sports physical medicine, biomedical engineering, data programming, 3D art and human-computer interaction into the speculative design of adaptive smart wearable devices. As a practitioner, she believes that what is more important is the ability to truly help and contribute to the process of human development.

Smart wearable EMS tights in the microgravity environment of space

Space exploration is of extraordinary importance to the development of humanity. Zhuoran Bi is developing a multifunctional wearable smart electro-therapy garment for astronauts who have lost muscle mass in microgravity during space missions, which is designed to assist and enhance the growth and recovery of human muscle and enhance the body's survival function to better adapt to new environments. It may also be used in a wide range of sports applications.

Exploration is the mission
Posthuman floating in space
Posthuman floating in space
Posthuman floating in space
Challenges and adventures Using biomechanical data to optimise human biology Dismantling human muscles and implanting artificially intelligent muscles to maximise body function for different space environments, based on anatomical medicine
The posthuman is at the exit of the space station
This moment is either a fragment or an origin from the quantum to the universe
Sketches of posthuman
Posthuman floating in space
Posthuman floating in space
Space station in universe
Posthuman floating in space
Posthuman floating in space
The process of making wearable electrodesA knitting method suitable for tights worn in the microgravity environment of space and woven with conductive threads to form wearable electrodes to enhance the functionality and comfort of EMS currents for whole-body muscle stimulation
Sources of space suits and how their materials are woven
Knitting and textile sources
Smart Wearable EMS-spacewearIn space, the body's muscles are rapidly depleted. To enhance the effectiveness of that moment of muscle growth, Zhuoran has developed a sophisticated design for the EMS-spacewear. After testing muscle endurance and physical performance in a sensing facility, the muscles are electrically stimulated through precise data analysis and programmed currents, which are then transmitted via neural reflexes to a brain-computer interface to send more precise corrective instructions to maximise the effectiveness of it
Muscle loss in zero gravity
Modified EMS human experiment
Human Movement Science Experiment
Smart Wearable EMS-spacewear display
Features and working principle of the smart wearable EMS-spacewear