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Fashion (MA)



“A change in gender requires a change in everything.” — Lynne Segal

“Designers need to diversify. They need to provide critique of current situations and deliver alternative values for numerous realities.” — Johnathan Chapman.

As this year’s menswear designers each begin to reimagine and remap the current landscape of men’s fashion, they each begin to redefine the meaning and purpose of menswear as a whole.

In order to allow for such change, these designers must also examine the surrounding world in which these works exist and deliver new methods of experience and perception.

From archetypes to emotional values, from physical touch to invisible influence, these designers help to build a more global and liberated understanding of the male identity within the context of fashion, and offer up new possibilities for the un-mapped future of menswear.

Text by Shanti Bell & Emma Collins RCA RCA FASHION MA 2021 alumni network.

Image Credit: Donghan Li