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Fashion (MA)

Yun Jeong

Yun Jeong is a Korean menswear designer based in London and Seoul. After she had completed her BA in Apparel Design from Konkuk University in Seoul, she also held Graduate Diploma in Fashion from the Central Saint Martins in London to expand her sartorial vision.

Yun's artistic vision is characterised by a focus on delicate structures, organic silhouettes, and a subtle touch of opulence. She draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and the authenticity of human experiences, which deeply captivates her.

Her garments embody a sense of softness and fluidity, allowing for natural movement and bestowing an elegant presence upon the wearer. Meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to using high-quality materials ensure both comfort and durability, guaranteeing longevity.

With her extensive training in pattern cutting and drawing, Yun combines technical precision with aesthetic appeal. Her goal is to merge the technical aspects of design with a sensual approach, utilising a delicate design language that aims to emotionally resonate with individuals.

Degree Details

School of DesignFashion (MA)MenswearRCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Studio Building, Ground and First floors

series of drawing edge of the objects

Yun's artistic practice centres on investigating the evocation of memories, particularly personal memories and nostalgia, through the creation of fabric-based objects. The focus lies in transforming materials to elicit emotional interpretations of industrial objects and capturing subtle and delicate memories through tactile experiences.

Initial research involved reconstructing objects with different materials, utilising delicate fabrics such as chiffon and organza, while preserving their original size and proportions. This approach aimed to convey the essence of memories by emphasising the sensory aspects of touch and exploring the emotional interpretations of industrial objects.

Further studies were conducted to gain a comprehensive understanding of objects, including their structures, functions, and reinterpretations. Research phases one and two delved into the physical properties of objects and explored innovative approaches to reinterpretation. In phase three, the objective was to integrate materialised memories with garments, enabling individuals to possess and embody these memories. This stage focused on technical aspects such as pattern cutting, draping, and connecting fabric objects to flat patterns.

Drawing insights from the series of studies, the ultimate goal was achieved in the form of a wearable collection that materialised memories, aligning with the initial concept. While the first three stages concentrated on accurately translating objects into the fabric, the final phase explored the interaction between the garments and the wearer's body, as well as the simplified and visually appealing representation of objects that resonated sensorially.

Yun's artistic journey culminated in a wearable collection that artfully merged fabric-based objects and personal memories. The research not only addressed the technical aspects of material transformation but also explored the transformative experience of wearing the garments and the emotional resonance they evoke.

Emotional drawing
Collage of photography and drawing
Layer of objects
Initial idea
Negative edge pants
Fabric umbrella
negative umbrella egde pants look
Negative edge pants photo with technical drawing
Fan pants sketch
Fan pants toile and flat skech
Initial toile for the fan trenchcoat
Trench coat toile 2
Experiment with the paper
Comb jacket toile
Comb jacket flat sketch
Comb pants flat sketch
Comb set up Shooting 1
Comb set up Shooting 2