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Fashion (MA)

Annabel Ballance

Annabel is a British Menswear designer and multidisciplinary artist currently based in London. They are interested in creating new identities through their sensitive approach to menswear, re-working and challenging men’s wardrobe essentials to create a new language and deeper way for the wearer to connect with their garments. Annabel engages with wood, metal and furniture to inform their practice with a focus on menswear.

Annabel is a recipient of the Dior MAN BFC Scholarship for 2022/23 and has industry experience from brands such as Acne Studios and Bless Service.


My practice focuses on merging metal with traditional menswear: challenging the wardrobe essentials and looking at classic elements of a garment to create a new language and a deeper way for the wearer to connect with their garments: pushing the boundaries of design. 

There are two sides of my practice: product, and fashion, which interlink with each other, reworking existing fashion garments to create a new relationship between them and the consumer further relating them to the products that exist around clothing. 

The structures are creating a cross-over between sculpture and clothing, producing a presence on and off the body. A new conversation needs to be had and that should be a meeting of artists and designers: celebrating collaborations and making people feel seen for their practice, along with building space together where the muse can be seen and heard. 

Focusing on new systems looking to build and create a new environment for the industry, I believe our first interaction with a product is the most valuable and important moment to gain understanding and feeling. I want to change the perspective of clothing and care for people, not only through fashion, but also through product, changing the lens of the consumer. 


Rail Hanger

Rebuilding the hanger for clothing – working with low temperature thermoplastics (LTTP), this material can be placed directly on the skin in order to mould the form of the body. The material hardens to its original rigidity, and after cooling, the thermoplastic can be melted and remelted almost indefinitely, forming a bespoke hanger for the consumer. 

I have presented a woman’s body parts moulded for menswear clothing to be hung from. Through this work I try to redefine the connection between consumer to product in a personal way. 

The rail has been reimaged. A frame that holds you in a space, hanger and rail together. Highlighting in close-up certain aspects of your body forming a new equation. Focussing on our current relationships to clothing rails and the manner in which they hold and support clothing. Wanting clothing to end at the same height altering the value to every piece. Clothing having a Movement around the body forming a different presence in the showroom space. By considering height and space creating an awareness away from the normal rigidity we are surrounded by. Further, introducing magnets for the hanger and adding a playful aspect to the showroom experience.



Wooden hat stand
hat stand


Looking at how we can inspire and inspire the imagination of the viewer. Making fabric become desirable through the digital eye. Questions around how we can merge craft and the application of what is already in our world forming this and holding this. Creating a symbol that mesmerises the viewer. Digital is rapidly evolving in fashion and is continuing to shape the future of the industry but how do we not loose craft but yet celebrate it along with the digital future.