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Fashion (MA)

Donghan Li

Donghan Li is a Chinese-born menswear designer/tailor based in London. He graduated from Parsons the New School for Design with a BFA in fashion design and photography in 2021. During his time there he gained basic understanding of garment making and also began to form his unique way of story-telling.

Having lived in China, the US, and now the UK, Donghan draws inspiration from his cultural background, blending traditional techniques with his sharp design language. His projects consistently reflect his deeply personal experiences and delve into the challenges faced by his generation. With a strong emphasis on tailoring and pattern making, Donghan dedicated himself in the crafts and the process of garment making.

With special thanks to the sponsor, Loro Piana, for the generous support of materials.

a 3d printed model of Donghan's face


The juxtaposition between stillness and movement, sharpness and softness. Within this exploration, I took a deep dive into the duality of my own identity, contemplating between staying still or running away.

Military-inspired garments that typically convey notions of constraint and immobility was manipulated with soft lines and movements. Physicality, a symbol of youth, was infused into the patterns. I breathe new life into these garments, offering them a new perspective.

Through hand-tailoring, a craft that I became obsessed with, I capture and document the conflict that unfolds during my journey. The repetitive and almost mechanical motions of tailoring have transformed into rituals that hold great significance for me. I wish to find peace and enlightenment in every stitch.

Collection book Duality
Photography: @nicolechensphoto Talent: @the98bo MUA: @at0_1ee


Photography: @amberderrick_ Talent: @zeze_paco MUA: @ssshuyuuxx_ Shoes: @untitlab
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