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Yuqing Li

In 2289, in the face of the imminent disappearance of biological pollinators and the precarious state of the natural world due to anthropogenic extinctions, the Human Pollination Administration (HPA) was established. It presented a plan to the international community based on the belief that humans, being part of nature, should actively participate in its preservation. The central theme of the document was the replacement of pollinators with humans, making it a fundamental principle of social functioning, with the aim of stabilizing plant diversity and thereby mitigating the collapse of the natural structure. Five years later, this document received approval and the project commenced its global implementation, heralding the era of human pollination.

Today, pollination has become a societal norm, and all individuals are obligated to fulfill the targets set by the HPA for harvesting and pollinating plants. The HPA diligently monitors human pollination targets and employs research to continually adapt its strategies for plant preservation in order to sustain the natural environment.

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As a designer, I want my designs to be unrestricted, constantly exploring the possibilities of design in different fields. At the same time, I have a great passion and desire to explore new and emerging things, starting with design and going beyond it.

The HPA(Human Pollination Administration) is a global regulatory organization comprised of several departments dedicated to daily plant monitoring, research, collection, and pollination missions worldwide.
Electrostatic pollen collection apparatus
Equipment for the electrostatic collection of pollen(Functional prototype)
Products for collecting pollen
Take the collector
Collection containers