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Design Products (MA)

Yushi Song

Yushi Song is a talented and driven individual with a solid educational foundation and a passion for creating meaningful user experiences.


2022 - 2023| MA - Design Products | Royal College of Art

2017- 2022 | BA - Industrial Design | Tongji University

Working Experience

03/2021 - 06/2021 | Intern Designer | ICONA Industrial Design

09/2020 - 03/2021 | Intern Designer | Shanghai Yangpu Tongji Technology Park

12/2019 - 02/2020 | New Media Intern | Shanghai Qiaobutang Information Technology


My design practice is fueled by a genuine desire to solve the dilemmas faced by others. I find great inspiration in empathizing with people and their unique struggles, especially among the younger generation, with whom I share a deep connection. While technical skills are important, I prioritize conceptual thinking and design philosophies that can truly create value. Influenced by the renowned Japanese designer Oki Sato, I have come to appreciate how products with exceptional qualities and profound essence are often found in the subtle aspects of our lives.

In my design approach, I center my work around human-centered design principles. By combining my strong educational background, my passion for user-centric design, and a diverse skill set, I strive to create products that not only meet functional needs but also deeply resonate with people's emotions.


My design manifesto - "What's in my heart?"

  • Emotion is the startpoint
  • Make Design Responsive
  • Cherish One's Feeling
  • Connect with stories
  • Observe
  • Be Positive

Moolody is an emotional management massager designed specifically to address mood swing during the menstrual period. It combines physical massage and music, aiming to guide users to explore their bodies, focus on muscle relaxation, provide a comprehensive experience.

Background, Survey, Insights
Ideation, mock up
Working principles, Electrical components
Product photo
Product photo 2
Holding the product 1
Holding the product 2