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Design Products (MA)

Yunwen Xiao

As there are at least 7,000 languages in the world, only around 100 of them can currently be translated by software. This makes it difficult for many people who do not have a common language to communicate with each other, or they give up communicating as a result. They can only communicate in non-verbal ways, but there are limitations to people's ability to communicate non-verbally, and misunderstandings in the process of expression and understanding can lead to inaccurate conversations.

Cross-language is a tool for assisting non-verbal communication, aiming to reduce misunderstandings in conversations and make it easier and more accurate for people who do not have a common language to communicate.

Yunwen Xiao

Yunwen Xiao is a designer from China with a background in industrial design. She thinks in the irregular world, trying to find things that are easily overlooked and incorporating them into her designs.