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Design Products (MA)

Xuanwei Dong

Xuanwei Dong is a product designer and UX/UI designer from China.


Always face everything with sensuality.

Use the principles of positive psychology and nutrition programs to help you achieve your health goals.

The main focus of the design is to help you through the anorexia and binge-eating phases, and to get you into a state of intuitive eating, which is a way of eating that doesn't make you preoccupied with food. I understand how uncomfortable this can be and that many users can't stop overeating and dieting.

The program encourages people to keep a daily diary of their food and mood with redeemable points. Subsequent products will pay more attention to making eating behavior more fun so that people can concentrate on eating.

The purpose of this design is to encourage people to eat the food they want to eat, and not want to give people too much psychological pressure. But practice healthy eating habits, check your hunger, and concentrate on tasting food before facing it.