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Design Products (MA)

Yijie Pu

When it comes to product design, I like to  look at the essence of design through the phenomenon, to explore the real needs of users, and provide an optimal solution. I believe that design is more than just satisfying a need,but also about creating demands.

In addition, I also have the ability to think critically about existing models, what the problems are and whether they are suitable for the future of humanity.


996, 5+2, small and large weeks ...... Longer and longer working hours and reduced living space have become the norm for many people, and in addition people in the workplace are faced with more role pressure and role conflict from work and life. Therefore, it is necessary to let people use the time they have on their way home from work to open their minds and let their brains really relax and focus on the present moment, without being emotionally affected by fragmented information and other external factors.

The project is designed with this in mind and is a possibility to let people enjoy the moment, by passing by different environmental buildings and sensing different random music, making a difference to old landscapes and landmarks, and allowing users to collect their favourite music clips and generate their own off-duty music along the way, thus giving people an immersive walking experience.

story board