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Interior Design (MA)

Xiyao Chen

In their online graduation exhibition, Xiyao rethinks our relationship with the environment by utilizing architecture as a medium. Their focus is on coexisting with the existing environment, including elements such as plants, ruins, and natural ecosystems. Through their designs, Xiyao aims to create spaces that harmoniously blend with and preserve the inherent qualities of the surroundings, fostering a symbiotic relationship between human activity and the material and ecological elements. The projects invite viewers to explore innovative ways of embracing the environment and its constituents, challenging conventional design boundaries.


The core concept revolves around the reuse of existing ruins. In this context, material itself does not possess the notion of "waste" until it loses its connection with the user, the human. The project aims to utilize spatial design as a medium to reconnect users with ruins. By reexamining the existing ruins, they cease to be mere old and dilapidated structures; they become intertwined with elements such as plants, light, and animals that thrive within them. Starting from analyzing the territory of each material, the project strives to preserve the interconnectedness between these territories. One outcome is the creation of a library dedicated to plants, where people are welcomed to bring books about nature and share time and knowledge amidst a natural environment. Through such actions, the project transforms this harmonious relationship into a form of worship.

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