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Interior Design (MA)

Yi Xu

I am deeply fascinated by the art style of the Space Age. I am good at hand-drawing and concept art, and I am also skilled in spatial design, which I have a great passion for. My favorite designer is Carlos Carpa, and my favorite artist is John Berkey. In terms of spatial design, I enjoy proposing radical and interesting ideas and using a plethora of details to construct a clean overall form.

Studying at RCA has solidified my design skills and enriched my understanding of interior design.

Degree Details

School of ArchitectureInterior Design (MA)SuperReuseRCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Kensington, Darwin Building, Upper-ground floor

the court yard of the building

This project involves the transformation of a long-abandoned ruin due to a fire. Within the ruins, I discovered various sizes of gaps that showed traces of small and medium-sized animals, such as spider webs, dried leaves and branches used for nest-building, and small insects.

During the time humans had left this land, nature reclaimed control over this area, allowing animals and plants to return to this ruin. They integrated with the remaining structures and walls, forming an intriguing fusion. Now, people have rediscovered this ruin and want to renovate it. Taking a perspective that combines nature and humanity, I decided to construct a local animal research institute. The purpose is to study and optimize the habitat for local animals while preserving the original character of the ruin as much as possible.

A pathway will be created between the main road and the ruins, which will also pass directly above the ruin. This allows visitors to observe the original state of the ruin. Additionally, the space above the ruin will serve as an observation area for the researchers to study the surrounding environment. Within the site, four organic structures inspired by swallow nests will be built using rammed earth. These structures will support and reinforce the crumbling walls of the ruin, while also providing support for the new constructions within the original site.

some pictures about the site
sketch about the cracks
what can it be
the function of this building
requirements of this building
what can users be
what can users be
diagram about animals and their needs
Experimental model, wood material
diagram about the model
Development of the model
organise the new structure
new structure form
features of swallow nest
sketch about the new structures
site analysis
plan show that four new structures need connection
The four new structures need connection.
Set recreation area at intersections of traffic routes
Set recreation area at intersections of traffic routes
explaining the structures
explaining the structures
The animals are around the site, people can stay here and enjoy themselves with nature.
The animals are around the site, people can stay here and enjoy themselves with nature.
The courtyard of the building.
The courtyard of the building.
explaining the material and structures
diagram explaining the structure
The Rain treatment and distribution system will purify the rainwater and distribute it to the animals on the ground floor.
interior design of the organic structure
the labor area