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School of Architecture


Dean, School of Architecture – Dr. Adrian Lahoud

This school is a petri-dish in which new spatial, material, ecological, mediatic, and political cultures are cultivated. In the projects that flow from those cultures, extremes of scale coexist with radical ambition and occasionally a kind of modest magic that is very close to nothing at all.

This exhibition demonstrates the unique potential that exists when programmes in Interior Design, City Design, and Environmental Architecture live in an art and design college. It also demonstrates what might be possible when a community of humans with deep commitments to education and creativity come together to draw, make, and dream.

For those reasons, and under the present circumstances where drawing, making and dreaming are under threat from every angle, the works on display here are more precious than ever.

Image Credit: Marisa Musing, Domina's Loom, ADS4 Green Room, MA Architecture