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Interior Design (MA)

Vittoria Marino

Vittoria Marino is an Italian designer based in London. After her studies in Industrial Design, she worked at an Italian architectural and interior design studio. This experience marked the beginning of her journey towards Interior Design, which she is currently studying at the RCA.

Vittoria's desire to enhance and elevate what exists, rather than destroy or belittle it, translates into a respectful way of working with space that she intends to continue integrating into her creative process.

In her design practice, she prioritizes the well-being of individuals, emphasizing their feelings and sensations. She approaches design as an opportunity to create harmony and balance, bridging the gap between functionality and aesthetic.

By considering the emotional impact of her creations and nurturing a conscious relationship with the environment, she strives to cultivate meaningful and responsible design solutions that resonate with people and promote a sustainable future.

Perspective drawing of the exterior

"A community space built around the therapeutic power of water, a place for internal reflection and healing, a long or short stay to leave the unnecessary behind."

Vittoria's project sits within the ruin of Nettleham HallLincoln and enhances it while preserving its state.

Within its arches, a connection to the past came alive. The rich history of Lincoln, once a Roman town, intertwined with the project, adding an unexpected layer of significance.

The notion that water could play a central role in restoring the ruin's past, marked by a devastating fire, became deeply ingrained into the project.

The Island provides a space for individuals to find relief and clarity away from the demands of everyday life and places importance on mental and physical well-being.

Elevation drawing
South Elevation
Section drawing of the interior
Natatio et Caldarium
Ground floor plan
Ground Floor Plan
Picture of the ruin's wall
Ruin's walls preserved in the project