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Service Design (MA)

Sara Alhajri

Sara is a designer from Saudi Arabia. She is a highly motivated and creative individual who has a background in graphic design and digital media with 4 years of working experience in agencies and as an in-house designer working closely with the marketing team, she is passionate about using design to make the world a better place. 

Service Design was the way for her to explore different angles of design and other topics that follow her interest as to her it is the main umbrella where the design process starts.

In her journey as a service designer, Sara has had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects that have allowed her to use her previous skills and combine them with new skills. She has worked on projects that range from social impact to service futures recently focusing of the future of fashion tech.

Degree Details

School of DesignService Design (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, First floor

A black and white portrait image of Sara Alhajri

She is excited to use her skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on the world through design.

Service design allowed her to look at the bigger picture when tackling problem-solving and looking for Opportunities, really understand whom she’s designing for and targeting, and go through the journey from their eyes and measure the impact of it all.

It is a program that holds a diverse group of people from different design and non-design backgrounds and that allowed Sara to learn a lot from the skills and techniques of the groups that she got the opportunity to work with.

A quote from Virgil Abloh as an intro to the service
Text description of what the service is about
A visual representation of the archetypes we are designing for that will inspire the personas
Our User research reveals 4 key behavioral archetypes. People evolve from freestylers in their teens to chameleons or expressionists in their 20s and eventually become orchestrators in their 30s and beyond. These transitions are influenced by trial and error, life events, and work demands. However, real-life journeys are complex, and we observe fluid interchangeability among archetypal behaviors, influenced by factors such as mood, daily needs, and different occasions.
Description of why this service is important and why we are doing this project
Our mission is to combat the detrimental effects of fast fashion, reduce waste caused by overconsumption and challenge the systemic issue of labour exploitation. To contribute to a better future… we align ourselves with brands and designers who prioritize ownership, embrace de-growth, and adopt circular fashion practices. We strive to build confidence among wearers and makers by promoting the longevity of products and fostering a culture of re-wearing.
A phone mock-up pf the service
We created a mock-up for the application to bring DRIP to life.
A quote by our tutor on the project Nicolas Rebolledo-Bustamante

What is DRIP

DRIP is like Spotify for fashion, offering a freemium service that empowers users to discover, curate, and manage their fashion style and identity. Fuelled by curatorial integrity and a personalised AI engine, in its simplest form users can search for fashion items and create playlists in our mobile or web app.

The mission of DRIP is to foster a community of forward-thinking early adopters in fashion. Together, we promote confidence, and clarity in fashion choices while uplifting small community-based brands that challenge the fashion industry's norms.

DRIP also helps fashion brands find potential customers organically online with a system where the customers come to them. No longer will brands struggle for exposure online or spend fortunes on marketing, with DRIP’s curated edits and personalisation the customers find their products, style them together and purchase or rent with confidence.

Theory of change

IF: We can increase the time spent by fashion consumers building self-confidence and experimenting pre-purchase, through digitally discovering, curating and managing their style, identity and clothing

AND: enable consumers to find and support small community-based brands

THEN: All stakeholders will be empowered to make more informed and responsible choices

AND: therefore consume, produce less and contribute to a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.


As a transformative service that delivers value while driving positive change in an underserved part of the industry, DRIP intends to combat the detrimental effects of fast fashion, reduce waste caused by overconsumption and challenge the systemic issue of labour exploitation, by shifting how fashion brands retail and elevating small ethically-minded brands.

DRIP is shaping a new fashion future. Doing away with fashion retail's ever-changing seasons and stock churn and encouraging iconic products, seasonless collections and sustainable business models - from made-to-order to second-hand and rental. With DRIP we hope to design a podium that ushers in systemic change.

Medium: Retail-as-a-Service Platform