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Interior Design (MA)

Nicharee (Nicha) Leelathipkul

Nicha (Nicharee Leelathipkul) is a spatial/communication designer specialising in creating immersive experiences and compelling narratives for brands, corporations, and hospitality ventures. With refined expertise and a multidisciplinary approach, she crafts designs that deeply resonate with audiences.

At the RCA, Nicha delves into the realms of Material Cultures, Anthropology, and the transformative power of narratives within existing spaces. Her work reflects the intricate relationship between built environments and societal politics, investigating how architecture moulds and impacts human behaviour. Nicha pushes the boundaries of architectural possibilities, embracing exploration to create transformative narratives and visionary possibilities. By blending historical elements with speculative visions, she crafts experiences that challenge conventional norms and opens up the potential for transformative possibilities.

Her work is a testament to the dynamic relationship between society, architecture and individuals.

Brick Moulding,Drying process

To Ground in the appreciation of individuality through the liberation of materials.

 To Reject the notion of moulding human beings into standardized patterns of thought and life, instead challenging ourselves to break free, celebrate and embrace the diverse paths

To Redefine the meaning of ‘Perfection’ and replace its stifling conformity by embracing the language of crafts, elevating the human spirit that resonates with the soul and allowing reflections of the unique desire

pieces of soil left on the blank background
Launch Project
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Launch Project