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Interior Design (MA)

Maria Astralaga

Maria astralaga is a designer from the University of the Andes. She interned in Lazaro Rosa Violan's contemporain studio in Barcelona, then worked in an Architectural firm for the interior design team in Colombia. She is currently based in London finishing her master's studies at RCA. 

Professionally, I wish to create non-conventional spaces driven by feelings that reflect clients’ personalities or what they want the space to be. I want to be able to create an interior that makes you feel a certain way, a space that has a story to tell.

Lana Land is as its name states, the land of wool is a celebration of wool In all of its shapes and forms. Currently, 39% of the Woolwich population have children, given this, there are only two outdoor playgrounds and one indoor playground for children in the area. It's clear that the area lacks indoor spaces for children and families to gather. Therefore, could an indoor children soft playground and café, where wool felt is used as a main material be able to potentially serve as a gathering space for families and the community?

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The joints were created using medium grey, industrial, 5mm Wool Felt and plywood. The plywood elements were laser-cut and then sanded. To achieve the junction of the two materials without glue, the techniques used where tension and insertion.


5mm Grey Wool Felt and Hardwood and Plywood