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Design Products (MA)

JoonHyung Park

Research has shown that allowing for self-regulatory behaviours, such as fidgeting or sensory stimming, can enhance cognitive performance, relieve stress, and improve focus and is a valuable stimulant for some individuals.

Driven by the physical tactility of materials and objects, as well as repetitive movements, this project explores the creative possibilities of leveraging these new tactile interactions to achieve technological precision and three-dimensional tactile sensory perception during creating work in the digital world.


I firmly believe in the emotional bond between humans and objects, which enriches their relationship. By exploring physical interactions, I aim to create a lasting connection that imbues objects with meaning. Through tactile experiences and intuitive designs, I foster genuine engagement and resonance. In our digital age, I value the significance of tangible interactions. Bridging the gap between digital and physical realms, I create designs that satisfy our need for emotional fulfilment. Objects become cherished companions, reflecting our desires and aspirations. By designing for meaningful physical interactions, I contribute to a world where objects bring joy, inspiration, and a sense of connection.

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Stainless steel structure with PVC on top