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Design Products (MA)

Jiayue Guo

My works express concern about the relationship between people and groups in the Internet society, explain the issues we face/ may face as Internet people, and propose new solutions and experiences.

Photo of Jiayue Guo

Jiayue Guo is a multidisciplinary designer engaged in product, service, and interaction design. She graduated from the Royal College of Art in Product Design with a postgraduate degree. Graduated from the University of the Arts London and Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture with double undergraduate degrees. In the Object Mediated Interaction Pathway, she is committed to exploring the relationship between people and society in the Internet age and proposing potential possibilities and solutions.

Project Introduction

Cyberbullying is a relatively new concept in China. Not until 2021, it is widely discussed, highlighted and started to be dealt with at a national level. The governance tasks of cyberbullying are issued by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) and completed together by various platforms, stipulating the contents that are not allowed in online communities.

The causes of cyberbullying vary, but research does reveal a number of factors that contribute to cyberbullying. In fact, bullying is exist widely in society. Due to the characteristics of the Internet, it can spread quickly across platforms, causing more harm to victims.

Being an active bystander, showing zero tolerance for cyberbullying, and building a healthy online environment is considered effective solution. Activator is a filter game that aims to develop bystanders' empathy for victims and ideally motivate them to take action in real life to prevent or stop the spread of cyberbullying.  

Background and Project Intro
Anti-cyberbullying game interface 1
Interface 1
Anti-cyberbullying game interface 2
Interface 2
Introduction of the interface
Interface Intro
Introduction of the function key
Function Key Intro
Process Video

Project Intro

We all live in a society where we are stared at and judged by others. This phenomenon has been intensified in the profession of internet celebrities. Internet celebrities attract the attention of netizens by creating free original content on social media. With thousands of followers who are willing to receive information from them, they are able to turn their influence into commercial value by placing advertisements. Influence, popularity and traffic are every internet celebrity's dreams. However, with them comes not only praise but also insults and criticism. What's worse, it is impossible and uneconomical for them to reject bad reviews, as it also provides them with traffic. To some extent, rejecting bad reviews means rejecting their influence and value.

In & Outside is an interactive experience installation with the theme of internet celebrities and netizens. The audience can experience switching between two different identities by getting inside/ outside the installation and experiencing the feelings from their perspective. It provides a chance for ordinary people to experience the feeling of being in the spotlight and also feel how their comments affect the real person, even themselves.

Introduction Video
photo of tentacle chair
In & Outside Tentacle Chair
photo of inside the installation
In & Outside Inside
photo of outside the installation
In & Outside Outside
Poster of in and outside