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Design Products (MA)

Hanbo Zhan

-What if poking holes in cookies was a job?

-In this tumultuous era, people are busy with their work, relentlessly pursuing profits. Those who enjoy leisure time, from a worldly perspective, may seem like unsuccessful individuals trying to escape. People constantly feel the anxiety of age, even though they lack sufficient social experience in their youth, every decision they make must be flawless.

-Different ages bring different experiences and landscapes, so why be anxious to prove oneself as a highly contributing success in society? While having a fulfilling job is meaningful to many, finding joy in life and relaxation is also a form of significance. Every choice deserves respect and acceptance.

-Just like the job of poking holes in cookies, such a job doesn't actually exist in reality. In this job, all you need to do is use a tool to continuously poke holes in cookies, making them more beautiful or crisp, it doesn't matter. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the process. It's similar to office workers stamping documents day in and day out; you can just relax and do it. Even though it may seem meaningless, it still holds a certain kind of meaning.

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-Design is not something that happens overnight; it is a subject that requires lifelong contemplation, debate, and refinement. It also takes time for our own thoughts and intentions to mature and become coherent.

A biscuit making factory