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Design Products (MA)

Fengxu Chen

The graduation design is inspired by Chinese Buddhism's, plucking the rosary to calm yourself down. Interactively designed, stress relieving ring. It can detect heart rate variability, detect a person's anxiety level, and visualize it on mobile or computer to give yourself better control over your emotions.

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I am from Shanghai, China, and I love life, so I love design. My undergraduate degree is in Fashion Design and then when I came to the UK I started studying Product Design. I think what I have learned in Fashion Design, I can use it well in Product Design.

monk, Chinese culture, release emotion
Ancient Chinese CultureIn ancient China many monks inside temples used to pluck the rosary beads to release their emotions and calm their hearts.
First generation prototype
Testing process
Second generation prototype
Final output
Final outputStay on your finger or hold this ring, you can feel your heartbeat, if you use this when you are anxious, your heart rate will go from high to low, and the ring will also emit the same frequency of vibration and sound to tell your heart rate is lowered.
Anxiety Relief Rings: Eventually the heartbeat sensor and the device for charging, as well as the receptors for body temperature, heart rate, and heart rate variability will be reduced to three sensors inside the ring.