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Design Products (MA)

Farah Hasbullah

Farah Hasbullah is an aspiring product designer that is interested in the way design can be used for behavior change.

Originally from Malaysia, Farah decided to further her studies at The Royal College of Art with the hopes of widening her skills and exploring new ways of designing outside of her hometown. Through her work she mainly focuses on the micro design of everyday objects and how to make them more meaningful to its users as she sees design as part of our daily lives.

Farah Hasbullah

I believe that design has the power to influence people and inflict change in the way we see and do things. Striving to create a better everyday life for people, I tend to focus on the small mundane activities and think of ways we can make them more joyful.

There is beauty in the world around us and looking at them in detail allows us to see the little nuances in life.

Small changes, big impact.

"Sembang"; The art of socializing

The arrangement of objects found within a space, complements on how the space will be or is being used. For communal spaces, the aim is to ensure that communities are able to engage with one another allowing an environment where people can exchange ideas, inspirations and communicate with one another.

This project looks into utilizing design for communication through the ways of storytelling. Serving drinks or having a cup of tea is often seen as a way to bond or get to know people. Bringing into play this common activity and incorporating it with an element of storytelling, a series of drinkware is produced.

Inspired by the Malaysian Folklore called “Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih”, the design focuses more on the structure and the detailing of the product as it plays an important role in relaying the story. The use of design language in delivering the message as well as the ergonomics of the product is blended into the final look of the set. The design intends to spark a small meaningful encounter between people of different backgrounds; or simply have a fun cup to drink from.

Close-up of moodboard
Study of story and moodboard
Mock-up of handle designs
Hand holding foam mock-up of jug handles
Sample of paper prototype
Collection up mock-ups for cup shapes
Collection of rapid paper prototypes

A Work In Progress

The final design is still a work in progress so stay tuned for updates and looking forward to see you at the show!