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Design Products (MA)

Eulalie Mathieu

Coming from an engineering background, I embarked on a journey as a product designer to understand how to design meaningful products that tackles today’s challenges. This foundation has not only provided me with a solid grasp of the industry standards and the manufacturing of technical components, but it has also given me a strong affinity for technical products.

I am particularly drawn to the topics of tangible user interfaces, consumer electronics, digital fabrication and emerging technologies such as AR/VR where I can explore the seamless integration of design and functionality.


At the RCA my work has been committed to two main missions that particularly resonate with me: design for sustainability and design for healthcare.

Within sustainable design, my focus lies in designing products that align with the principles of a circular economy and promote sustainable behaviours in users.

Simultaneously, I am driven by the desire to apply design principles to enhance healthcare experiences, developing human-centred and inclusive solutions that improve the well-being of individuals.

To achieve this, I rely on an analytical and systemic approach, which encompasses thorough desk and field research. By combining my passion for these causes with my affinity for technology, I aspire to make a meaningful impact by utilizing design as a force for positive change.

Today, there is growing interest in the use of VR for Seniors. However, common VR controllers are not designed for people with declining fine motor skills. In fact, they require a degree of dexterity that is not always within the reach of someone suffering from arthritis or who simply has stiffer hands. The inability to use VR controllers poses a significant issue as it hinders direct interaction with the virtual world, limiting the user to a passive experience.

Therefore, as part of this ongoing project I am collaborating with physiotherapists to redesign the VR controller, aiming to enhance its inclusivity and ergonomic features specifically for seniors users.

Iterative process
Ergonomics tests
Modular design
Sensors testing