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Design Products (MA)

Darshan Shah

Darshan is India based Architect who has a strong passion for design and exploration. With freelancing projects, he has gained valuable field experience in architectural and interior projects, bringing creativity to life in real-world. Always up for a challenge, he is not only into designing buildings but also enjoys exploring different products. In pursuit of expanding his design horizons, he opted for a Masters in Industrial Product Designing. When not immersed in the world of design, Darshan finds joy in playing tennis, showcasing his competitive and energetic side. With a zest for life and a love for design, he is making his mark in the architecture and product design world, one project at a time.

Self Photo

My design philosophy is characterized by a professional commitment to creating functional and ergonomic solutions that anticipate future needs. With a futuristic approach, I aim to push boundaries and challenge conventional design norms. Emphasising problem-solving, my designs address specific challenges while incorporating unconventional elements to inspire innovation and uniqueness. This philosophy drives me to create designs that not only meet practical requirements but also stimulate curiosity and provoke new perspectives.


Following the fast fashion industry trends, there is an increasing pattern of consumers to stand out and express themselves by means of lifestyle products especially footwear. So in order to meet the demands, "customisation" of fashion and lifestyle products has become a popular trend. However it cannot be easily satisfied by mass manufactured shoes except for those who can afford to pay the hefty amount for the collection. Hence such demands are creating a lucrative market for customised footwear industry. The project focuses on enabling the emerging production techniques such as Generative design and 3d printing technology to cater each individual demand.

Render generated from sketch by AI
Render generated by AI from conceptual sketch
Parametric Design initial ideation
Parameters for user to interact with, in order to achieve the optimum customisation of shoe design as per the individual requirement.
3D render of Parametric Shoe Design
Refined iteration of shoe pattern
3D printed lattices
3D printed lattices for testing material behaviour
3D printed sole
3D Printed Shoe
3D printed shoe top view
Testing the shoe prototype
3D print using TPU material for prototype testing and material behaviour with lattice structures.


White TPU filament
Front view of Scaled 3D printed Shoe
Side view of Scaled 3D printed Shoe
Top view of Scaled 3D printed Shoe
Side View of 3D printed Final Shoe
Front view of 3D printed Final Shoe
Final Shoe in use


Orange TPU for flexible 3D print