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Design Products (MA)

Congying Wu

Are we designing products to help people, or are we 'designing people'?

Degree Details

School of DesignDesign Products (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Studio Building, Third floor

Images from craig green

In the traditional sense, the essence of product design is to serve people, but many existing products control our behavior while serving people, and have changed the lives of users to a large extent. What are product designers doing? Are you designing a product, or are you designing the user's life state or "designing the user"?

fit the job Introduction
fit the job Training devices
The device consists of a traditional office device and an interactive system and device that operates as a typing simulator, with several different levels of progressive difficulty and with sound and message jams designed to help your boss "train" you.
This interactive program is carried out by maxmsp in conjunction with arduino
Tapping process
The training process is mainly a typing exercise, with words that you need to remember before joining the 996 work state, such as "Limitless Dedication!" "Perfection Above All!" "No Rest, Only Success!" "No Mercy, No Excuses!" "Competition is Our Fuel!"
lcd screen
The lcd display will show random seconds of important information, which will be interspersed throughout the trainee's training, simulating your boss sending you a message on the fly, which you will need to remember and tap out in the shortest possible time and without stopping the task at hand
Report Card
Everyone who participates in the training will receive a performance analysis report at the end of the training, which details your scores in each of the training sessions and those who do not achieve a score of 60 will not be eligible to join the 996 work environment


Vintage office equipment/Interactive devices


Traditional office products/Interactive devices