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Design Products (MA)

Chenxi Chen

Chenxi Chen, a Chinese designer, boasts a background in product design and manufacturing from her undergraduate education. She built upon her foundation in humanity-centered design thinking during her advanced studies at the Royal College of Art. There, she delved deeper into the heart of design, shifting her focus to the inherent nature and larger narratives that exist beneath surface-level issues.

Chen adopts design as a tool to dissect and engage with intricate systemic challenges. By centering her approach on the broader implications of design, she aims to develop innovative interventions that bring about substantial and lasting change.

Her design practice is mainly distributed in the application of wearable devices and biosensors to human embodied cognition, social relations, and emotional intelligence. Explore physical interactions and interfaces that redefine the boundaries between people and technology.


2022-2023, MA Design Product, Royal College of Art (RCA)

2018-2022, BEng Product Design and Manufacture, University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC)


IF Design Talent Award 2022, Discover Nature Nearby

Chenxi Chen

Amidst the rapid advancement of technology and digitalization, Chenxi pays attention to the biological nature of human existence, in order to consider the contemporary social change lies in the specific human problem. Guided by humanity-centered design, she explore themes such as human identity, existence, cognition and feelings, as well as cultural and social attributes.

Chenxi posits that the physical existence and sensory experiences of people will play an active role in future technological perspectives. She sees design as moving beyond immediate interests and short-term needs. Instead, it becomes a tool for introspection and a means to re-evaluate and reconstruct existing concepts and practices. Her approach places humans at the heart of design, spotlighting the importance of our organic nature in the midst of our digital progression.

Locating human biological property in humanity-centered design
current motion capture tech
scenario brainstorm
theoretical analysis
design context
social media development
define context as social media platform
study current mechanism
study face-to-face social interaction
design question
Design Problem
Design Concept
Making Process
Final prototype
Final prototype
Wearable device detect posture in daily activity
light effect responce to posture
Right hand lift
Light effect happens through right to left
Different color effect
Integrates earphone wires as spine of a traditional wood guitar
Making process


Wood, Earphone, Nail, Wire
Receipt as paper to roll cigarette
Concept matching


Receipt, Tobacco