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Design Products (MA)

Cenya Wu

Cenya is a creative designer with extensive experience in both traditional aesthetics and XR technology development and a bachelor's degree in Art and Technology from the China Academy of Art. In addition to her many exhibitions and competitions in the design field, she worked in UX design for technology companies in the AR domain before pursuing her master's degree in RCA. She is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Design Product.

As an innovative designer immersed in RCA's interdisciplinary collaborative environment, she is committed to using TAR technology to improve the experience of using traditional products; coupling data and reality through physical interaction to solve real-world problems in healthcare, education, production, etc.

Cenya Wu

From tapping to gripping and squeezing, everyday hand movements become a challenge for those who have lost some hand function. That's where In Hand comes in.

In Hand is a product kit that assists users in exercising hand function through TAR (Tangible Augmented Reality) technology. The product includes an interactive exercise set that allows users to engage and interact with their fingers and palms through a ergonomic design that captures natural hand movements. The product package is set up with an Arduino and Unity based AR game system that combines digital tools to record and guide the user's interaction with In Hand, providing real-time feedback and progress monitoring.

I wanted to enhance user motivation and engagement in the process. Ultimately, my goal is to allow users to regain control and strength in their hands through personalized and enjoyable training.

design concept
How does the product works
the prototypes of the product
To determine form, I used air-drying clay to simulate hand movements. Indentations and protrusions revealed pressure patterns. Classmates tested clay samples, resulting in consistent findings. Beyond grasping, hands can pinch, pat, stroke, and tap. The product design facilitates these movements for comprehensive interaction.
Rendering product
Having analyzed the various shapes, I proceeded to design five interactive products, forming a cohesive kit that effectively guides users to perform specific actions.
product prototypes
product show grip and pinch
product show tap
product show clap
hand control virtual game
In this TAR ball game, I utilized Unity and Arduino to create an immersive experience. Users can interact with a virtual ball and receive real-time feedback. By applying force to their fingertips and touching the button using the ball product, the pressure sensor detects the input and modifies the virtual impact. This integration of technology allows for a tactile and responsive gaming experience, enhancing user engagement.
making process, I use silicone and clay to make prototypes
making process, people using clay


A TAR Product Kit to Assist in Hand Function Rehabilitation