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Design Products (MA)

Constance Riley

Constance Riley is an English designer based in London and attained her undergraduate in Fine Art where she explored concrete as a medium investigating its limitations and drawbacks. 

A shift in focus, took her to study Design Products at the Royal College of Art, but still draws upon the ability to contextualise her work from her Fine Art studies. 

Within her studies at the Royal College of Art, she began to focus her work towards packaging, but specifically designing products within the constraints of a standard UK letterbox where the dimensions of the letterbox lead her designs.

This exploration came from the need to create a life and a name for myself beyond my studies. How do I make my work sell amongst a sea of other designers.

As convince sells and is attractive to consumers, and miss deliveries are an inconvenience, here lie the start of my the explorations. I have created the brand NoBell, as there is no need to ring the bell for a delivery.


  • SuperDesgin Show, SuperStudio Più at Milan 2023 Design Week. Exhibited collaboratively as Third Floor Collective titled objections.

An image of [Constance Riley] in black and white in a park

When I am designing, I consider the consumer at the forefront. Yes I accept we design for a consumer, but the user experience of a product is very important to me.

As a designer I like to follow my hands and trust their intuition. Problems will be uncovered and solved as the making process continues. I trust the process of the previous design informing the next. The platform Design Through Making has allowed me to explore this iterative process strategically, whilst also allowing for naivety and mistakes. 

I am very consumer focussed when designing and consider how the product is interacted with whilst also instilling consumer needs into my designs. 

When designing, I consider the environment, but does not lead the design. When taking a design through to fruition - the product will aim to withstand length of time through durability and aesthetics.

A green lamp with an umbrella style shade on a bedside table
NoBell is a brand designing products to be delivered through the letterbox while you're out of your home. The Umbrella Lamp collapses down, like its namesake, like the canopy of an umbrella when folded away. The collapsing mechanism allows for the lamp to neatly fit within the box which can conveniently be delivered through your letterbox.
The umbrella lamp is shown in its individual parts
The Umbrella Lamp in its individual parts
The Umbrella Lamp is shown in its box
The Umbrella Lamp is show in its box
Instructions on how to put the lamp together


Mild steel, linen


60cm (H) X 30cm (W&D)
Spring lamp being compressed (still image)
Spring LampThis lamp calls for playful interactions. The movements within the spring allow for these interactions. The central spring encases the wire allowing for the lamp to be moved, spring and compressed. The wire being encased within the spring give a curiosity to the lamp as the electrical mechanism isnt obvious and gives a weightless and floating sensation.
Red and blue lamp with spring body


LED light, aluminium shade and base, steel sprung wire


23cm(H) X 18cm(D&W)