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Fashion (MA)

Clement Rye

Clement Rye is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Powys, Wales, currently based in London. With a background in fashion design, event direction and management, his work explores the intersection of textiles, sculpture, and digital storytelling. Themes of identity and space are prevalent throughout his practice.

Previous Showcases:

  • The UK Festival Awards, Troxy, London. 2019.
  • Graduate Fashion Week, The Truman Brewery, London. 2020.
  • 'Entrée: WIP 2023', The Royal College of Art, London. 2023.
  • The Coronation Concert, Windsor Castle, Windsor. 2023.

Upcoming exhibitions:

  • 'RCA2023' Graduate Show, The Truman Brewery, London. 13 - 16 July 2023.
  • Arts Weekend, Grywch Castle, North Wales. 2 - 3 September 2023.
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My artistic practice revolves around the combination of hand craftsmanship and technology, resulting in a dynamic synergy. At the core of my work are geometrically designed digital knits, juxtaposed with the soft organic shapes. This contrasting combination creates a visual dialogue that explores the interplay between precision and organic forms.

One of the key elements in my creative process is the exploration of perspective and shape transformation. Through the technique of projection mapping onto the knitted components of my sculptures, I introduce a new dimension to the soft tactile base. This interplay of light and shadow creates dynamic and ever-changing shapes within the sculptural forms, enhancing their visual impact and inviting viewers to perceive them from different angles.

My vision is rooted in creating immersive experiences that transform spaces. I am driven by the desire to provide viewers with a fresh perspective on their surroundings through digital illusion. By merging technology and sculptural forms, I challenge conventional notions of spatial perception and invite viewers to engage with their senses in unexpected ways.

The SPACE++ project takes hold of the individual's body and instils a sense of detachment from the surrounding environment. By crafting objects that harmoniously coexist within these spaces, I aim to create a profound and transformative experience for the individual.

images of projection mapping
projection mpaaing onto knit
projection mpaaing onto knit
projection mpaaing onto knit
projection mpaaing onto knit
projection mpaaing onto knit
design realisation
projections on large sculpture
circular projections
projection mapped spaces


Digital knit + Projection mapping