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Fashion (MA)



Open your eyes my dear friends

for the story has woven its spell

and may it inspire you to embrace your own creative journey

be it with knitting needles or any other craft that holds your heart

Blessed by thy hand that they may knit this path

and may the world marvel at the beauty you create.

-Lifan Hu

Knitwear construction transcends textiles and boundaries are joyfully pushed. It encompasses not only the creation of textiles but also the profound process of deconstructing and reconstructing the self, unravelling our undiscovered stories.

The textile emerges as an expressive form, stretching the conventional notions of clothing and beckoning us to explore boundless possibilities. Through experiments with stitches, patterns and textures, we collectively engage in a profound act of creation that goes beyond mere garments, delving into the very essence of our identities.

Authenticity serves as our guiding principle throughout this transformative journey as we celebrate the inherent uniqueness in each creation. With every painstaking stitch, we interweave the threads of our experiences, dreams and aspirations, reconstructing ourselves in the very process.

Collectively, we push the boundaries of knitwear while embracing the spirit of experimentation and honouring the essence of authenticity. In this pursuit, we shall discover the extraordinary beauty that resides within the imperfect, the unconventional and the deeply personal stories that lie within us all.

Text by Ella Shiraz & Lifan Hu

Image Credit: Ella Shiraz